About the Schedule K-1

Certain investment products, including the ConvexityShares ETFs, are structured to operate as partnerships. They issue a Schedule K-1 to each partner (i.e., investor) to report their share of income, gains, losses, deductions, or of any other taxable event. For a more detailed description of the Schedule K-1, see the FAQs.

Funds that generate a K-1

All ConvexityShares Trust products are structured as commodity pools, which generate K-1 forms. Currently, this includes the ConvexityShares 1X SPIKES Futures ETF and ConvexityShares Daily 1.5X SPIKES Futures ETF

PTP Tax Exemption

SPKX and SPKY are exempt from Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Section 1446(f) rule and therefore exempt from withholding 10% on proceeds.

PTP Qualified Notices

Schedule K-1 packages for ConvexityShares ETF investors are expected to be available mid-March

Copies can be obtained by calling Tax Package Support: (800) 764-4286

To access your ConvexityShares K-1 Tax Package, or to download prior years’ Schedule K-1s, visit Tax Pack Support


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